Splashpress Media Launches Donation Drive for Philippine Typhoon Victims

As posted on the Splashpress Media blog, we’re running a fund campaign in aid of typhoon victims in the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila and neighboring areas. Anything you can do to help would mean so much.

Over the weekend, residents of Metro Manila and cities in its vicinity woke up to torrential downpours and rising floodwaters brought about by typhoon “Ondoy” (international name Ketsana). This was the worst flooding the city of 12 million people has seen in about four decades, with over 80% of the area submerged underwater. While most areas were only moderately flooded, some low-lying areas saw waters reaching past the height of two-storey houses.

Typhoon Ondoy floods Manila The typhoon is said to have brought in 400+ mm of rain–a month’s worth of rainwater in a span of 12 hours. The record-breaking rainfall levels even bested out rainwater from hurricane Katrina in the US in 2005.

The disaster spared no one–both rich, poor and middle class families saw their homes and properties destroyed by the flood and landslides. What’s worse is that a lot have died, and many are still lost. As per recent news, more than 250 have died. Scores more are missing. These are especially prevalent in cities of Pasig, Marikina, and Cainta (in Rizal province).

Typhoon ondoy floods Manila A good number of our team, staff and partners at Splashpress Media are residents of Metro Manila. So far, all of us were relatively unscathed after this terrible incident. Thus we feel responsible for extending aid to those who were badly affected. Some of our friends and family members (and even team members) have gone out and donated money, food, clothing, and physically helped in the relief efforts. But much has to be done, including a longer period of rehabilitation. News of incoming weather disturbances is making things more worrisome.

How to donate

Splashpress Media is running a donation drive in aid of the victims of the flooding in Metro Manila. We are kicking off the donation drive with $1,000. Much more is needed! For those who can make credit card payments, you may directly send donations to the Philippine National Red Cross which is one of the bigger organizations organizing and handling aid. However, for those who might prefer PayPal, The Philippine National Red Cross can also accept PayPal payments through this address: [email protected].

How to link

You may link to our campaign drive using some buttons we have created:


You can copy and paste the code below, so you can add a link to our donation page on your blog, website, or social networking profile.

Any help or form of support will be appreciated!

image credits: flickr/rembcc and flickr/ABS_CBN_News_Online

4 thoughts on “Splashpress Media Launches Donation Drive for Philippine Typhoon Victims

  1. what a very sad news. i feel so sorry for the people who were affected by that typhoon. but i don’t just feel pity for them, i am admire and salute them even more! wow, they are really survivors. that was a eal life testing and not everyone can survive from such. they are so brave. Keep on having that courage! Life must go on. I certainly believe that you people can get through it. Keep on being courageous. i like your attitude. Keep on praying too! God is our only Great Helper. My prayer is with you!

  2. What an amazing and terrible storm it was that hit the Philippines recently. I was stunned when I heard that Manila was partially underwater. If a major city like that was flooded you can imagine what much of the rest of the country is suffering.
    I was relieved to find out that Art Bell and his wife were safe in their home in Manila but having seen this I question my desire to move to the Philippines now. I don’t want to drown and storms are getting worse and worse for some reason.
    we may not be suffering from Global warming, but we are suffering from global climate change and that seems to be just as bad.
    I wish all the people affected by the typhoon well in the coming weeks and months while they pull their lives back together.

  3. Hi,

    We’re reaching out to all the bloggers who talk about the Philippines in an urgent appeal for them to tell their readers about the disaster that transformed the country this weekend.

    The torrential rains that pounded the Philippines, has resulted in more than 1.8 million people being immediately affected.

    We, the UN World Food Programme, has identified at least 178 000 families in need of immediate food aid.

    Please would you consider telling the readers of your blog about their situation, and encourage them to go to https://www.wfp.org/donate/ondoy to donate? Also if you’re active on social networks, it would help to tell other about it there too.

    Even the smallest amounts help: $18 can feed a family for 2 weeks!

    Below are two banners that you’re welcome to use:

    Warmest regards

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