ShareThis Launches Connect The Dots Newsletter

A few days ago, I received the first issue of a brand new newsletter created by ShareThis, the company which prides itself on making content easily shareable across the web. The newsletter is called Connect the Dots and is aimed at sharing data, trends, and providing tips related to the service.

The following image provided in the first issue of the newsletter indicates which social media service content is being shared across the most. It’s surprising to me that Email makes up the majority of shares with Facebook taking second place. My guess is, everyone has an email address while only a select group of people contain Twitter accounts thus explaining why Email is used the most to share content. Even before the days of ShareThis, I remember seeing story recommendation links on major news websites which would email the story to a recipient of your choosing.

The end of the newsletter brings news that ShareThis will soon roll out a new feature which will provide integration into Omniture and Google Analytic accounts. This will help you analyze your web web traffic, especially when it comes to figuring out which traffic is arriving based on a piece of shared content. Last but not least, ShareThis has partnered with Exact Target which enables an in-depth look at the sharing data across your site as well as through your email outreach programs. If interested in this capability, you can contact ShareThis for more information.