Rediscovering Twitter Through Search

I’ve recently had a very exciting Twitter-related epiphany. I used to stay in this walled-in garden that is my home page, where I banter about with my followed people, and those who send me direct replies. These days, I’m more actively seeking out relevant discussions elsewhere, through Twitter’s search functionality. More particularly, I’ve rediscovered Twitter through TweetDeck, as I find the multi-column display really useful–I can display different search results from my various areas of interest, be they social media (quite an active topic), literature, WordPress, premium themes and the like.

Through this, I get to get relevant updates from folks I don’t necessarily know. And I’m able to make new connections with those I share interests with. While I would consider myself a shy person–not particularly reaching out to people I don’t really know–I think getting introduced to people this way makes for a great way to expand my network and perhaps build up authority. And it’s part of my job, too, which makes it all the more great.

Somehow I feel silly I’m doing this only now.

Do you use Twitter the same way?

2 thoughts on “Rediscovering Twitter Through Search

  1. Twitter is a great way to get sales. In the process of building relationships and driving traffic, the sales will follow. It is very easy for people to know you in Twitter, even like and trust you. So, if you use Twitter the right way, that is to build relationships, you will naturally get sales from Twitter.

  2. Yeah Twitter is going to redefine search (my opinion).
    They are getting hip too, they just revealed premium accounts, plus I think Google, might get it on the cake.

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