Proposed Fix For Podpress Released

When WordPress 2.6 was released, quite a number of plugins worked out of the box while others broke. Unfortunately, PodPress was one of those plugins which broke. It has been discovered that PodPress has some sort of incompatibility with the new post revisions feature found within 2.6. Mightyseek, the author of the plugin claims that he is working on a new version and that it was going to be released within that weekend, or the next 10 days. Both have passed with no sign of an update. Also, the podPress forums don’t contain any information in terms of when the next release will be rolled out.

Considering how popular podPress is, it’s great to see that Andrew Ozz has published an article that details a fix for the plugin until the next version is released. The fix involves a snippet of code that you copy and paste into a podPress related file. This allows the podcast to be attached to blog posts. Hopefully, this works for the majority of podPressers out their.

Speaking of podPress, how many of you are using this particular plugin? It’s a great way to dabble with podcasting without having much to worry about. If you are using this plugin, link me in the comments to your work as I’d like to take a listen and perhaps feature your show in a future post.

8 thoughts on “Proposed Fix For Podpress Released

  1. For some reason, even though I’m telling podpress that the file is located here (as in, in the details when I’m typing up a new post):

    Then when I post the entry, all the links in the actual podpress section of the blog are pointing it to:

    That folder doesn’t even exist! I don’t know what is going on.

  2. Podpress is working but need some fixes. I have fixed 2 issues but still 3 more:

    Problem 1:
    Do anyone has problem detecting the length of an MP3 file? It seems that it will detect the size of file but not the duration.

    Problem 2:
    The space characters ( ) is being put in the itunes:summary tag without the “&” sign. So any spaces will show up as “nbsp” in the summary feed.

    Problem 3:
    wma is an audio file extension, but Podpress think it is video format (Media File -> Type drop-down) and therefore unable to detect it properly.

    Anyone know how to fix these? Thanks.

  3. I agree with Mer that its features are quite good (once you wrap your brain around some of the nuances). That’s why we stick with it rather than just going Libsyn.

    You certainly can go with a webapp/service solution like Libsyn or Podcast Pickle’s Pickle Player.

  4. Podpress isn’t just a toy to dabble with, it’s really a pretty good little tool that’ll do what you need if you want to podcast seriously. It’s the podcasting standard. My strange little podcast loves it.

  5. There is actually one plugin that comes into mind but I will have to download and play around with it to see if it is anything like podPress.

  6. I think Podpress simply got too big and bloated for its own good.

    Are there any simpler alternative plugins out there for publishing podcasts to iTunes as your blog? I’d like to know.

  7. I use podpress for one of my clients at and Podpress has been a real source of stress for over a year now.

    When it works, it works great. but we learned to be very very conservative about updating either PodPress or our WordPress installation. This is sad because I’d love to keep up with the advantages of newer verions of WP, but Podpress’ finicky behavior rules that out for us.

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