Profitable Blogging is Blogging for the Long Haul

Darren Rowse has an excellent video post where he talks about what kept him from quitting on one of his blogs. He started this new blog and had been blogging for a couple of months. He was discouraged because his income was low. He was only making a couple dollars a day.

However, he kept blogging because whenever he looked at the trend of his monthly earnings, he saw that he was experiencing at least 30% growth. So even though he was only making a couple dollars day, compared to the previous months he had increased his daily earnings by a big percentage.

He didn’t give his exact earnings, so let’s look at a hypothetical example to make things clearer. Let’s say after the first 30 days of blogging you make $1.00 a day. Then, the next month you make $2.00 a day. When you compare both months, you actually gained 100%. While $2.00 a day is not something to brag about, you’re doing well because your trending up.

Let’s look at a long term example. If you make $1.00 day in one month and you have 30% growth every month, in just two years, you’ll make over $400 a day. Not bad for two years work, right? $400 daily is $12,000 a month.

Here is a table the shows the power of exponential growth.

long term blogging exponential growth

Darren advises that you should focus on your trends rather than your absolute income numbers. Is your income growing by a good percentage every month? If so, you’re on the right track.

To experience blogging success, write with the long term in mind. Don’t be discouraged with the low income of the early days. Give yourself time to succeed. If you have a good string of percentage growth for a couple months, keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t give up. In due time, exponential growth will flex its muscles and you’ll be making a much greater monthly income.

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4 thoughts on “Profitable Blogging is Blogging for the Long Haul

  1. Raj Dash you read my mind. It’s always easy to make a chart, it’s nearly impossible for most to achieve it! There are so many bloggers just hoping and praying their hard work will pay off. It’s a huge risk of your time and some money. I don’t think their is a monetization for most blogs out there. You need HIGH traffic to either get advertisers, sponsors or even affiliate sales.

  2. I’ve created all kinds of charts like this, even written several times about exponential growth. But all I’ve learned about it in two years is that it’s easy making up charts showing exponential growth and much harder pushing the exponential factor higher. It’s easier to predict $400/day than to actually get it, without a solid plan and proactive approach. Successful problogging is kind of like golf, in that there are many small things that have to sync up just nicely.

  3. Yeah for most of us that is the sad truth. Sometimes you’ll get bloggers who pop out of nowhere and become a somebody – but they also have prior experience in marketing and such.

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