Pre Blog Launch Checklist

Over at the unfortunately named, though often pretty good read Wisdump, there’s a neat post about the steps you need to take before launching a blog.

I wrote an unsurprising similar checklist back in November that ranted a bit about launching “empty shells” and both Chris Garrett and Chris McLeod have also written on the subject here at Performancing. Ahmed Bilal also penned a great bootstrapping guide that’s worth a read if you missed it first time around.

It’s somewhat of a soul destroyer to launch a minger, but we still seem to have an awful lot of folks that think you just have to “build it and they will come”, which unfortunately for most, is just not the case.

Building, launching and then maintaining a blog is hard work, period.

If you have any insights, tips or anecdotes on the subject of launching a blog, please share!

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