PR 7 Blog For Sale – Have Laptop, Will Travel

Have Laptop, Will Travel
Tech, software and general geekery

PR7 with solid PR6 categories
Over 1000 uniques per day and a solid stream of Google searches

Auction ends May 4th @ 9pm Eastern
BIN: $19,000

With my new responsibilities at Performancing, and my inability to find a good, consistent writer, I’m putting the premier blog Have Laptop, Will Travel up for sale. I reserve the right to cancel the auction if I’m not happy with the final bid.

25 thoughts on “PR 7 Blog For Sale – Have Laptop, Will Travel

  1. who was the guy who bought this one dude.Ur site is spanked to PR3.I could have cried whole day even if i had bought that for few 100 bucks.

  2. Sorry Marin … thought I had let everyone involved know about the private bid in emails or private messages.

  3. I would have gone up to double of my initial bid if you had let me know about the private bid.

  4. BIN is set at $19,000. High, I know. But PR7 blogs with PR 6 subpages are hard to come by these days.

  5. No, I’m out $120/day total in total (GOOG nailed my 4 popcrunch sites). AdSense is still good on HLWT

    In other words, Google didn’t suspend my entire AdSense account…they only suspended the domain.

  6. Oh you lost adsense on this site, too? Buggers. I’m confused. ABove, you say you only make $300/m. I’m wondering how you are out $120/day?

  7. Let’s jut say BIN is going to be 5 figures. The closer you get to 5 figures, the more likely you’ll meet reserve.

    Again, I don’t need to sell this blog. But if the right buyer comes along, I’ll let it go.

    Right now I’m out about $120/day in AdSense revenue because they’ve given me a spanking and put me in the corner. I’d like to get a nice chunk of insurance income to cover this sudden loss, especially since I have no idea when Google’s going to let me out of my corner.

  8. No problem, Mark

    Well, my friend’s PR5 tech site just dropped to PR4, so I’m guessing I won’t be spending as much this month as I thought. Meaning I have more money for buying sites here, possibly in partnership.

  9. I’ll add insult to injury and double your bid, Raj- $3k. And I’d be on for a partnership. Can we know of some kind of ballpark reserve price?

  10. It IS undermonetized, and a PR7. So there additional benefits for having it. Agreed, I’d take it for traffic alone, as well as the other reasons. Partnership, anyone? Just PM me if you’re serious.

  11. Marcel,
    I’m definitely not selling at current 10x revenue valuations. The person who wants this blog wants it for leverage, brand and traffic.

    Currently, I make about $300/month off the site, although that fluctuates depending on TLA sales, ReviewMe etc.

  12. Ideally, I would have found a good blogger for the site. It’s a nice site. But I would really need someone who’s fluent in English and who has a passion for technology to write for the site daily. Just couldn’t find the right person.

    I’m not in a rush to sell the site, but I’m willing to take the right offer from someone who knows the value of a strong PR7 site.

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