5 thoughts on “Poll: How Much Blogging Experience Do You Have?

  1. i’m still a toddler, but blogging is not easy. the writing part has its own challenges but everything else that you have to do on the side could easily hurt you. i started working 10-12 hours a day, but nothing was happening, so i started my second blog, all about my way of thinking, last week, so far it’s been great but now i find myself working 15-18 hours a day, it’s tough!!

  2. I’m on my 4-month mark – it is fun, but tough. Friends often say that what you’re doing is an ideal job, especially if you start making a lot of money doing it. Truth be told, it’s harder than working 8-10 hour days. Would I give it up? Nope! I enjoy reading, and writing.

  3. Made my first blog entry on October 5, 2000, using Blogger. It was way cool, and I remain amazed at the growth and diversity of the blogosphere.

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