Podcast: The Writing Show Interviews Nick Wilson

Nick was interviewed recently for The Writing Show on the topic of “Writing the Killer Blog”. It’s a great podcast, Paula does an excellent job of asking some interesting questions, well worth a listen. If you can’t listen they have been good enough to transcribe the whole thing.

Join us as Nick discusses:

  • What types of blogs populate the Web
  • Whether you have to be a good writer to produce an effective blog
  • What makes a blog compelling
  • Why most blogs fail at community building and why community is so important
  • How monetizing a blog led to fascinating discussions within his community
  • How paid advertising has worked for him as a means of attracting readers
  • How blogging may evolve

Interviewee: Nick Wilson
Host: Paula B
Date: January 9, 2006
Running time: 40:22 minutes
File size: 30 megabytes
Rating: G

Podcasts are not something we have done before here, do let us know what you thought of it.