PMetrics WordPress Plugin!

A slew of new features and code went into the new version (0.3) of the PMetrics WordPress plugin and I hope you’ll try it out and enjoy it!

I’m very excited about it…a little too excited for the consecutive amounts of late-night programming and debugging that went into this release. As always, you can download and find more infomation about this plugin on the plugin website as well as sign up to receive e-mails with PMetrics plugin announcements (beta tests, releases, etc). If you have ideas for features that you, the Performancing Metrics user, might be useful, I’m very open to discussion and ideas. You can private message me or contact me through my blog’s contact form.

Among the new features are:

  • Disable tracking for specific user levels
  • Integrated with the Metrics API service to get basic visit stats
  • Added account authorization functions and options
  • HTML/XHTML validated code (thanks to Tom – see this forum thread for details)
  • Sidebar widget with integration with WordPress widgets (for instructions, see the plugin FAQ and the widgets howto)
  • Visit statistics in blog meta information
  • Update check can run itself automatically (option to disable)

Screenshots showing the new options interface and the sidebar widget:
Administration interfaceSidebar widget screenshot beforeSidebar widget screenshot afterSidebar screenshot (as seen by an admin)Sidebar screenshot (as seen by a typical visitor)

Note to users: If you’d like to see the PMetrics plugin become an official widget at, you should e-mail the widget crew and tell them what you think!

21 thoughts on “PMetrics WordPress Plugin!

  1. Hi Dave!

    I wanted to give your plugin a try, but It seems our friend Drupal drop is hiding your content… Is it maybe because you wrote a widget, not a block! How envious he is if that is the true!

    Let us know!

  2. I’m sorry to all of you who were frustrated by the ‘Authorization Error’ bug. It’s been fixed in the next version (0.4) which should be coming out soon. Many many thanks to Performancing user 8wheels who helped me debug this problem when I couldn’t for the life of me reproduce the bug myself. It turned out to be a simple logic error and I’m a little embarrassed about it. 😐

    If you’re getting an Authorization Error and you’re NOT using the sidebar widget or the total visits meta information options, then don’t worry about it. The tracking script is still working just fine. The only reason that your account information is needed is when statistics about your blog need to be fetched from the Performancing servers (ala the sidebar widget, etc). If you’d like to see if it would work anyway, clear out your username and password in the PMetrics options page (then save), temporarily enable either the sidebar widget option or the meta visits option (then save), and then enter your account information (and save). It should work then.

    I hope this helps everyone.

  3. I’m looking into the authorization errors today. Anyone who’s having these problems should private message me with the version of PHP you’re using and the address of your blog.

    Martin, currently Metrics ignores the folders on a domain, but I believe that it might fixed in planned/upcoming features.

  4. Thanks for the plugin.

    Receiving an Authorization Error too. And after adding my URL in “my metrics” the URL changes from http://example.xy/blog to example.xy

    Any idea why this could happen?

  5. Why it always displays “Authorization Error”, and I sure my account name and password is right.

  6. Let me describe the setup I have on my blog.. I have a statistics package displayed on my left sidebar which tells me how many views each post has received. When I have wp-cache installed, the stats are not accurate. I get a hit for a post every 10 minutes or so. I have at least 20 visitors on my site at any given time. So, wp-cache messes up my stats on the website. So, I was wondering if performancing followed the same path as well…

  7. I’m not sure about how it would work with WP-Cache, but it’s on my list of things to try out tomorrow. I’ll let you know if I find what’s happening. Can you describe what’s going on when the WP-Cache plugin is enabled?

  8. hi,

    i am currently using bsuite metrics for my blog and i recently installed wp cache. The metrics dont seem to be working very well with the cache. Does Pmetrics go hand in hand with cache?

  9. Guess I take the college ethernet connection for granted a few times… I compressed them a little. Not sure why there were so big to begin with.

  10. Good thing I’m not on dial-up because those .png screenshots sure are huge =P

    Anyway, thanks a lot for your time you put in making this great plugin.
    Will be updating soon.

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