Performancing Stream of Consciousness – Wed Apr 2, 2008

Bored or just can’t think of anything to blog? Here are some links to check out, either to waste a bit of time or get some inspiration.

  1. The Onion, if you haven’t visited it before, is a spoof news site – a parody of CNN. What’s that got to do with blogging? Well, here’s an example of a fun article: Stop Making Movies About My Books, supposedly by Dr. Seuss rolling around in his grave. Storytelling is something you could incorporate in each post/ and all your little blogger friends will think you’re the most. After you stop laughing and snorting out loud/ find your own storytelling style, of which you’ll be proud.
  2. Here’s a fun (read “time wasting”) imaging tool: Montagr, from Devious Gelatin (is that a great site name or what). Enter a search for a keyword, and Montagr will pick up images from Flickr, then reconstruct one image using a montage of other images. It needs refinement in the algorithm, but it’s still fun. Too much fun.
  3. Katy at I’m Blogging That provides a detailed explanation on how to use Technorati to find blogging inspiration.
  4. Tired of the same old RSS feed icon? Smashing Magazine offers a set of interesting variations designed by Dirceu Veiga that might catch your fancy or give you ideas for your own.
  5. Speaking of icons, Danny Outlaw over at Outlaw Design Blog lists links to 22 free icon sets that he loves. Some are fun, some are pretty slick.
  6. Design Adapatations offers 5 WordPress optimization tips to clean up and speed up your installation.
  7. Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on? I rarely Twitter, yet I’ve been getting regular new followers (some of whom I started following a year ago, others completely new to me). How are these people finding me and why are they bothering to follow me, a mostly inactive Twit?

4 thoughts on “Performancing Stream of Consciousness – Wed Apr 2, 2008

  1. Garri: But I really don’t Twitter more than maybe once a month. So I can’t see how I’m an “active” “Twit”.

    Crazy Kinux: Excellent idea. I’m guilty of that – not actually writing about something I had to intended to.

  2. Whenever I get the post blues and can’t think of something to write about, the first thing I’ll do is to go back and read some of my own posts. Often, you’ll promise to cover this or that in a post, but you’ll never end up doing it. It’s happened to me a number of times and every time I would find something to write about.

    Try it!

  3. Raj, you’re highly active and hardly a twit 😉

    I’ve had a couple of people ‘follow’ me too just recently and although I signed up to Twitter I haven’t yet figured out how to apply it to my niche. Most strange!

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