Performancing Stream of Consciousness – Thur Apr 10, 2008

Linky love for Thursday Apr 10, 2008:

  1. David Peralty has some excellent advice about when to call it quits on a specific blog. I’m going to apply his excellent advice on a whole whack of my sites, as part of a Spring Cleaning. (The principle is based on the concept of “sunk costs”, where you DON’T spend good money after bad, and just cut out and count your losses.) I’ve already dumped about 50-60 keyword-rich domains (no sites) the other day because none of my colleagues seemed to want them. (Not many bloggers really understand the value of keyword domains, and I gave up trying to give them away.) Now I’m scrapping about 10 PR1-3 domains, mostly in the tech niche, simply because I’m trying to focus my effort in 2-3 niches maximum. So if anyone wants these sites (domain and content), let me know here in the comments and I’ll list them in followup post, where I’ll ask your intentions. My time is limited, so I will only push domains to GoDaddy accounts. (Don’t ask me to do otherwise because I won’t.) You’ll have to come up with your own hosting. My preference is to give the sites to one or more someones who will actually do somethihg with them, and preferably a new blogger who wants a bit of a leg up. But if you’re not into the tech niche, don’t bother. (I do have a few non-tech sites I’ll list as well.) And these are not castoffs – I simply don’t have the time. Most of the sites have potential if you’re dedicated.
  2. Someone recently posted a comment here on Perf asking about what video hosting sites there are. StartYourTube goes one better than that and allows you to create your own YouTube-like site, with 100% control of ads and revenue. You get a subdomain off the main site and have social networking features to rely on. [via 901am] The site claims you can set up your own video sharing site in 2 minutes, for free, and that you don’t have to be concerned with coding or APIs. Over 10,000 tubes have been created, and they have a “popular” page. Now where did I put my video camera?
  3. Darren Rowse points out lessons to be learned in case you’re thinking of posting harmful April Fool’s jokes next year.
  4. Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips has decided to jumpstart interest in RSS by launching May 1st RSS Awareness Day. Good luck, Daniel. After about a year of being an RSS evangelist at, to supplement Rok Hrastnik’s RSS Diary, I kind of gave up on RSS ever being mainstream. Now, I simply look at RSS as a behind-the-scenes tool. If it gains more exposure than that, due to Daniel’s “holiday”, fantastic. At the least, if more of the general Internet public gaining an understanding of functionality and not necessarily file format, then that’s even better.
  5. Fake bloggers beware: the UK is about to criminalize certain online strategies. [via Chris Garrett]

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  1. MPW: You can PM me if you prefer. A few of the sites have been spoken for already.

  2. I am brand new to blogging and may be a fit for one of the blogs you’re scrapping, but I’m a little intimidated to say right out loud what my blog would be about.

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