Performancing’s Most Memorable—January 2008

There is quite an impressive amount of quality content that has been written in the past for Performancing. Just like any great site, we want to make sure that our great content doesn’t get lost simply because new great content is written. It would almost be criminal to do otherwise. To ensure this doesn’t happen, I am proud to present “Performancing’s Most Memorable.”

Over the next few months, I am going to be linking to some of Performancing’s best articles for each month. To kick things off, logically, I will start with January of this year. Once we are all caught up, I will then do the same at the end of each following month until we reach the end of the year, and when that happens, I will have an impressive article to recap the entire year.

If you are new to blogging, you’ll want to check out every single link within this post.

If you want to be a great blogger, you need to learn from the best. With our reader’s help, several bloggers were observed for their efforts. We begin with one of Performancing’s most memorable moments—the Performancing Blog Awards 2007.


Performancing Blog Awards 2007 Winners


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