Performancing Launches Copyright Management Service

What happens when you’ve finished writing a blog post and hit the publish button? Well, for one, your blogging software will publish your article for all the world to see. But there’s something that’s not as obvious. The moment you hit publish, you now own the copyright to that particular post, unless you explicitly state otherwise.

Most bloggers are unaware of this. Or most of us simply don’t care. Until some other site automatically republishes our post in full, that is. It’s called scraping, one of the ugly cousins of splogging. Worse, they probably have AdSense, text links and other affiliate links slapped on their sites. Where’s the link back to your blog, you ask? In all likelihood, it’s not there. Or if there’s a link, it probably just adds to the insult.

You become a victim of copyright infringement.

The bad thing here is that search engines penalize for duplicate content. And to their eyes, it doesn’t matter who does own the copyright, and who does publish first. If it’s a dupe, both sites will be hit.

Tracking down which sites duplicate your content does take time, energy and a lot of patience. Acting on these takes even more time, energy and patience. Most scrapers won’t even bother responding to your emails. Some hosting providers do, but sometimes not without a little push.

And to help our fellow writers combat this scourge of the blogosphere, we’re launching our very own Copyright Management service through Performancing Services.

Content scraping is one of the biggest headaches a blogger faces. Once you hit that publish button, your articles are prone to automatic copying and republishing by not-so-trustworthy websites who do not link back. Some of these scrapers even earn from your hard work by slapping on some advertisements, text links or affiliate links on their own sites, as if it were their own.

What exactly happens when you avail these services?

First, our copyright experts will track down websites, blogs, forums and other online services that copy your content in full or in partial without proper attribution. We will then send you a report of these, with a suggested course of action.

If you wish not to act on these copyright violations yourself, we will initiate takedown notices with the erring publishers and their hosting providers. The package includes action on three (3) sites, but we can act on an unlimited number of violators.

Head over to Performancing Services if you think someone’s copying your work and passing it off as their own.

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