Performancing for Firefox 1.1 Roadmap

The beta version (1.0) of our PFF extension seems to have been a huge success thanks to all of you.

As you can probably image, the hardest part that comes with a successful welcome, is keeping track of all the feedback and comments in the forms, the new bug tracker and the huge blogsphere that keeps on talking about it, not to mention the countless e-mails we have received.

After soaking in all of this feedback over the holidays we’ve come up with a plan to make PFF even better!

I’m sorry to say we couldn’t squeeze everything everyone wanted in the roadmap for 1.1, however I think we have managed to create something that both adds much needed fixes and features to PFF without bloat or bad feature creep that most programs fall into.

The 1.1 release will contain two major areas of work done, in both bug fixes and some really cool features;

Bug Fixes

  1. WordPress 2.0 support (yep it’s been released, go get it!)
  2. Fix the MetaWeblog API implementation
  3. Allow spaces in Technorati tags (i..e “mozilla firefox”)
  4. Fix WordPress editing bugs as some users are seeing new posts created when ‘editing’ a post. 
  5. Handle errors gracefully and give much better error information
  6. Fix the extra space issue on Titles and body content
  7. Convert foreign characters (accented chars) when sending to the API’s
  8. Keep preview links from messing up the preview tab
  9. And various other small bug fixes not necessarily worth mentioning (but annoying)

New Features

  1. Track Back Support
  2. Draft Support
  3. Better Technorati support
  4. support
  5. ExpressionEngine Support

If you’re like me, and Technorati and support sounds like something you would use, jump in and comment on what you would like to see available from these two great services and their API’s. We already have an idea of where we are going with it, and in due time we’ll let you guys know, however in the mean-time take this opportunity to take part of the development and get your voice out there to shape this into something that would make this a killer feature for you.

We’re sure you have plenty of ideas we haven’t even dreamed up yet, so jump on in.
As always, we read all the feedback and take it serious, so think away!