Performancing Firefox 1.1 Delicious/Technorati Release!

Performancing for Firefox 1.1

That’s right, as Nick promised last week, we’ve launched Performancing for Firefox 1.1!

So what’s new in this release?
Read on for a complete walk-through of what 1.1 has to offer.

New features

  • More Technorati Support
  • Delicious integration
  • Trackback support (including auto-discovery)
  • Draft support (and default to draft option)
  • Ping support
  • Statusbar Icon Enhancments (drag and drop)
  • More Settings Options
  • Full metaWeblog API implementation, now working in Roller, blogharbor, and many more
  • Lots of Bug Fixes
    • Logging in from account wizard now times out if connection fails
    • More informative error reporting
    • Hitting a tab twice no longer looses data.
    • Less confusing automatic technorati tag adding
    • Numerous metaWeblog API fixes
    • Edit post now conserves original dateCreated parameter
    • Issues with setting and editing categories (drupal still has issues).
    • New posts no longer created when editing a post (on WP)
    • Preview links now open in a new tab
    • Spaces are now possible in technorati tags
    • WordPress 2.0 support
    • Many more small bugs

Also new to this release:

  • Support and Documentation
  • PFF Buttons and Banners

Support and Documentation

Also for this release, Chris has put together a great handbook, dealing with topics from What PFF Is to using Technorati, Installing Spellcheck, Adding your own blog, and lots more.

If you find a bug in version 1.1 please head over to the Project tracker and file a bug report!

Buttons and Banners

As you might know, we just concluded our Performancing for Firefox Design Competition.
We had some great entries into the competition and even better winners!

Congrats to Wayde Christie for winning and providing us with these awesome designs

More will come once we get a page up with all the available buttons you can use.

Additional Technorati Support

If you thought technorati tags were cool, now when you click on the ‘Page Tools’ button, you will get Technorati stats and incoming links for the current page you are viewing

See Handbook entry Technorati Support in Peformancing for Firefox for more information. Integration

Not only can you easily bookmark anypage you have loaded to Delicious, and easily search your tags, you can also bookmark your posts using your technorati tags from the Publishing Options sidebar.

See Handbook entry Support in Performancing for Firefox for more information.

TrackBack Support

We now offer trackbacks support.

Simply enter the urls you want to trackback in a comma seperated list and on publish we will send a trackback request.

See Handbook entry Sending Trackbacks from Performancing for Firefox for more information.

Draft Support

This was one of the most requested features.
To post an entry as a draft, check the ‘Post as Draft’ checkbox in the ‘Publishing Options sidebar’.

(If you havn’t already you’ll need to enable this sidebar in the settings under ‘Show extra publishing features’)

See Handbook entry Posting As Draft for more information.


For ping support, you first must enable Pings, then select your chosen pinging service from the options that will appear.

Statusbar Button Enhancments

Now if your not happy with the location of the PFF StatusBar Icon
You can easily change it’s location.

First click on the icon and drag it to your prefered location, be that somewhere else on the statusbar or in any of your other toolbars. You will see a red bar indicating where it will be placed in release.

More Settings Options

We now offer a more complete list of options, from hiding features you might not use like Delicious or Technorati to enabling Drafts by default.

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