OakFlickr4PFF – PFF Flickr Addon

While we have talked about the new features for the next version of PFF (1.4) including Image-Uploading capabilities , I know some of you really want support now.

So today I’m pleased to announce the OakFlickr4PFF performancing Addon by Chen Zhiyuan for PFF 1.2 and 1.3.

This is an awesome addon that gives direct image uploading to Flickr from PFF.

To use this addon:
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1) First install it, restart firefox, then enable it in the addons section under settings as shown below;


2) Make sure you are logged in to flickr, if not, go to flickr.com and login.

3) You can then use the normal Image Uploading dialog as you would an image url or ftp upload, and choose the new ‘Flickr’ tab.


4) Now click on the browse button, find the image you want to upload, then click the ‘Upload to Flickr’ Button.

Done, now you can insert your new image.

Another great thing about this add-on is that will also catch images dragged and droped into pff from your hard drive, or pasted in via the clipboard on publish.

Once again I want to give a huge hand to Zhiyuan for this awesome add-on.

For any problems or issues check out his Step-By-Step Tutorial or post in the forums and we’ll try and help you out.

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16 thoughts on “OakFlickr4PFF – PFF Flickr Addon

  1. flickr has changed their API a little, so we have a new version. but I am not sure about how long will the mozilla review last, generally 2 weeks :(.

    you can drag picture from the sidebar to your blog now.

  2. can we have something like Pickup
    Here i can drag and drop even on linux. (I still need to verify with ubuntu).on FC 4 its working well.

  3. Yes, well the problem is with Firefox in general, not so much pff.
    If you use Thunderbird in Linux as well, you will notice you cannot paste an image into a message as well, like you would on windows. You must drag and drop instead. 🙁

    Sorry about that. (I’m a linux user as well, ubuntu for that matter)

  4. yes..i cannot. It just copies file path url, not image.
    Chen Zhiyuan has confirmed the same but he told me that its a problem with PFF not addon.

  5. jigar,

    not sure I understand what the issue is.
    You mean you can’t past an image in on linux?
    Or it’s just not uploading it right?

  6. When i try to copy an image from Web/Local machine and try to put it in Blog editor, it just copies its address…
    something like this….
    /home/jigar/My document/1.My images/23017935.jpg
    and when i try copying from web; it copies iamge from web…and its url is as it was with previous url…Please help…I could not find addon author’s email address…

    Its working well for windows… And Thanks for that.

  7. Raj, Sounds like an issue with an addons.mozilla.org mirror.
    Try clearing your cache or do a hard refresh, Worst-case, email or pm me and I’ll send you the build.

  8. Thanks for the info, that will be really awesome when it supports Zooomr. I will see about getting an API key as well, at least help where I can. I like flickr, but personally I prefer Zooomr.

  9. Jed, I have PFF v1.3 and tried to install the addon from the firefox page. I got an error message: “invalid file hash (possible download corruption)”

  10. It shouldn’t be a big problem to ask Kristopher directly by mail. They do need upload tools very urgently.

    BTW, the pixvue.com recommendation is also valid for Zooomr as they do support IPTC import too.

  11. Merlik.
    Yes, I’m very hopeful for 1.4 we will have zoomer support natively.
    Also, in the mean-time this plugin could eaisly be converted to support zoomer, however I believe zoomer isn’t giving any more api keys away for a while. I might be wrong, might be worth asking them for one.

    I did contact them so it looks like we will be getting one for the pff 1.4 release. However for a pff addon, someone will need to request a seperate key for it. (as the author has done with flickr for this plugin)

  12. Just had to chime in here and say this is a very kool extension. Ive got it running with the latest beta and it rocks

  13. .

    Hello, I use many different blogging softwares. And, I had set up a wordpress blog on my server this past December. Nothing had happened on that weblog until today.

    After reading your notice of the picture tool, I installed it. That was easy. Then I opened the Performancing tool in FireFox. … I had not been there for a long time. … Every thing seemed to be working. So I clicked on the “Add Image” button in the Performancing tool. It was fairly simple to upload an image to flickr and then insert it in the current blog post edit window. …

    I like my images off to the right, so I copied the reference out of the code view of the blog edit window and used another tool, that wraps images with a little table that I made (MarsEdit or BBEdit). Then I pasted the table wrapped image reference back into the code view or Performancing.

    Switched to WSIWYG, and finished editing the post. …

    That is a very cool tool.

  14. Upload pictures to Flickr with PFF: OakFlickr4PFF

    Faster 🙂

    I was really astonished to stumble over this brand new extension.

    OK, here some more serious comment:

    People using Windows should check out which is a useful Windows explorer extension. PixVue can be used to add or edit IPTC/XMP metadata in pictures before uploading them to Flickr. Flickr will import description (tab 1), keywords (tab 2) and title (tab 4). You can ‘stamp’ your pictures with metadata templates and refine keywording for single pics.

    Very recommended addition to your Flickr upload workflow!

    Somebody using the new PFF extension and PixVue should give feedback if the new extension is handling the metadata OK.

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