Moving Server. Please take Metrics off your sites. Apologies!

Just a note to let people know that Performancing is currently being moved to a new server. While the blog, themes and forum will quickly be back in action, it may take us a while to get the metrics back up- so we recommend that you take down Pmetrics from your sites for now to avoid 404s. We are working as hard as we can to sort everything out and are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused.

15 thoughts on “Moving Server. Please take Metrics off your sites. Apologies!

  1. As I said before, I’ll (personally) hang in there and I didn’t realize that Pmetrics was hosted on a Performancining server. My mistake. And thanks for the update. Very much appreciated. Hope it all works out.

    And here’s well wishes to David Krugg that he gets better real soon. I somehow missed he was down and out which was probably due to my numerous trips to the VA to sort out my own troubles of late. Sorry about that. David…hope you’re on the mend, man.

  2. On behalf of Splashpress Media, the owners of Performancing, I would like to say that we really are very sorry. David Krug’s management of Performancing was pretty all-encompassing and his prolonged absence is what has caused both the downtime with Pmetrics and the lack of communication. This was our fault for not having a better team system in place. In no way does this reflect on getclicky at all. For anybody who has paid and would like a refund, please email me at-: [email protected] with the amount and paypal transaction id, and you will be sent payment immediately. If you can wait, we are due to move Performancing to a large, dedicated server this Wednesday and then relaunch Pmetrics by Thursday. We also are putting a new, comprehensive management team in place- so that this can never happen again. We will do as one commenter suggested and extend all free trials- as well as the paid versions, so that people do get what they signed up for.

    Thank you again for your patience.


  3. Part of the problem has to do with David being ill and not being able to take care of matters. That required server switches. I am not running this site nor metrics, so I have only posted notices when I am aware of something and have been asked to do so. Despite the content of the post above (which I did not fully write, even though my name is on it), I am not sure what is happening. The technical issue is being worked out and anyone who wants a refund will get it, but I am not the person handling them. I’ll do my best to find out the procedure.

  4. Sorry for the ignorance but I’m guessing based on context that dmron is a Clicky person? Because I just had a look over there and it seems that your own service runs much smoother. I’ll be investigating that, thanks.

  5. Just to clear things up, we are not hosting Metrics, Performancing is hosting this service on their own servers. I have no idea about what the problems are behind all this downtime, unfortunately. I’m not being kept in the loop either.

  6. As I understand it, Performancing is an affiliate of Get Clicky when it comes to the new Pmetrics. It takes a ton of resources to host your own metrics system so I really can’t blame them for outsourcing their stats system.

    Hope that helps some and I hope they get it back on-line soon.

  7. My trial period was to expire today; I’d suggest you consider it “beta-testing,” and extend the trial period (and purchased subscriptions) by a month or more until the bugs are worked out.

    And I agree with the comments on lack of communication. “The server was down earlier, so no traffic will be reported from hh:mm to hh:mm. We apologize for any inconvenience” would be an easy email to send.

  8. @MagicJewball,

    I agree 100%.

    My two bits.

    Problems occur. That can’t be helped, but the one thing that used to stand out about Performancing in the past was there was no hesitation at all when it came to informing their members about what was going on. Now, in contrast, the communication to the members is almost non-existent.

    I’ve been a member of Performancing for too long to not to stick by you people and I paid for the year’s subscription to Pmetrics. I’m sure, when you get Pmetrics up and running again, that I’ll get my money’s worth out of it and I still believe it was a great choice of a stats engine by the staff. But I, like others, feel the lack of communication, announcements and answers to occasional emails is not acceptable.

    And I reserve the right to get on my friends and acquaintances cases when they deserve it :-). So start talking.

  9. The granularity of the data captured makes Metrics the best tracking app I’ve used so far! I do notice, however, that some pagehits have not been picked up (I concurrently use a few others, too). Perhaps this is something that could be looked into. Otherwise, fantastic tracker!

  10. I love these stats, the best I’ve ever seen out of many programs I’ve used. At the end of my trial period I had intended on paying for the service. However, your performance (ironically) and customer service are abysmal. Forget all the outages, it takes hours and hours for an acknowledgement to be posted that anything is wrong and then it’s fuzzy and vague. Moving servers seems a planned occurrence – why all this trouble? At first, there was no announcement at all, then last week’s outage message was up, then a completely different message about PMetrics not existing anymore, and now this one. I’m sure you’re sorry for the inconvenience (and it is one; I’ve become utterly dependant on your stats) but you at least have some control over how you choose to communicate that to your users/customers.

  11. Here’s to hoping you refund some $ back to those who’ve already paid for it. Seems like it’s been down more than up.

  12. I hope everything works out for you guys. Well just a comment about the pmetrics. I only used it for a short period, but it seemed to be a very good stat system. I would highly recommend it when it comes back on.

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