Misinformation on Search in the Blogosphere

I’ve been pondering whether or not to even dignify this post (EDIT: the post has now been removed) with a link and mention, even negative mention at Performancing tonight.

The thing is though, I’ve been noticing a worrying trend in the blogosphere recently, and it only seems to be increasing. It boils down to this: People are giving out advice about ranking in Search engines, when they clearly know nothing whatsoever of the topic.

Worse, in extreme cases, as in the one above, they’re giving out information that is patently false, and could actually get bloggers into trouble with some engines.

Read it, if only to learn exactly what you should not be doing with your blog. At best that post is misguided, and at worst, dangerous.

There are no quick fixes

Really, there just aren’t. But if you guys are interested in learning about some common sense ways you can make your blogs more search engine friendly, then i’ll happily write about that a bit in the week.

For now though, be aware that there is a lot of very bad information being spread about Search out there.