Mining Search Data with Metrics

One of the neat things you can do with Performancing Metrics, and many other stats tools is to mine search data to get an idea of how people are finding your blog through search engines.

Be warned though, people search for some weird shit heh…

The Devil is in the Details

We’ve been working hard on the “details” page for search referers in Metrics. You will now be able to get your hands on more detailed metrics in that part of the system, and see exactly what search engnes are refering, and to what page — All GOOG all the time? Sure looks that way, but once you start getting really deep into your blogs referers you can certainly learn a lot of useful things.

One such thing is to get ideas for new posts by learning what users are looking for when they reach you — an even better way is ot look at your sites local search log if you have one.

I don’t think I’ll be writing anything about “body language” anytime soon on Performancing, but it’s interesting stuff nonetheless….

2 thoughts on “Mining Search Data with Metrics

  1. No, im afraid not.

    We thought about it and decided it was better to support the many than the few, though it affect us and our members that actively blog here.

    I’d like to fnd a solution, but it certainly wont be in beta Ahmed…

  2. hey Nick, will we be able to track our own performancing blogs through this or not?

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