Know More Media Seeks Bloggers for Several Business Topics

Topics available:

Accounting –
Lending and Loan Industry –
Venture Capital Market –
Doing Business in Japan (native Japanese writer wanted) –
Doing Business in India (native Indian writer wanted) –
Construction News, Deals, and Information –
Electronics Industry –
Banks and the Banking Industry –

What we look for in an author:

*Passion. You must love the topic – possess a passion for it. You’ll be writing on it extensively; if you don’t have a love for it, you will never endure. Plus, this passion will shine through in your writing; it will be infectious.

*Business Expertise. You must be a personal expert in your topic or field. Know More Media is a place where information seekers come to find new information, new advice, and original opinions. If you can only re-hash what everyone else is saying on the topic, sorry, but you’re not a fit for us. We want expertise from its source – you.

*Writing Ability. Superior blogging is both what you say and how you say it. Great writing is the ability to transform your thoughts, feelings, and knowledge into the written word in a lucid, concise, and entertaining manner. Can you edit out your own typos? Do you use proper grammar? Can you express yourself clearly? We don’t edit your content for you – you must be able to do it yourself.

*A Voice. As we like to say, “It’s all about the voice.” Plain, boring, dry toast, just-tell-the-facts writing is not what we want. We want personality; we want uniqueness; we want you to have a singular, identifiable voice that people want to listen to.

How to Apply:

Email us at info (at) with the following information:

1. Your name and desired blog URL.
2. 3 sample blog posts addressing your desired topic.
3. A paragraph explaining why you are specifically qualified in the topic.

6 thoughts on “Know More Media Seeks Bloggers for Several Business Topics

  1. Gets my vote!!

    Although, at the rate that I post, I don’t qualify for the job in any way.

    Then again, this might just be the incentive I am looking for…

    Should I apply? 😉


  2. Good questions, Brett. We want each pay-per-post author to publish at least one post per weekday. The maximum we allow is five posts per calendar day. That’s per blog.

    The Accelerator authors aren’t required to post as frequently, but most post 3 to 5 times a week at least.

    We’re currently looking for just one blogger for each blog listed above.

    Thanks for asking. Keep the questions comin’.

  3. How many articles are you hoping to pull in per day, week or month?

    Are you looking to bring in more than one blogger for each of these sites?

    Thanks in advance, Brett

  4. Yes. Two options:

    1 – Pay per post
    2 – Accelerator Program: you blog for free, and we promote your existing business

    Option number two works especially well for folks who already have an established business that they want to promote via a blog.

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