Keyword Blog Domains, Link Heaven!

A friend asked me for my $.02 on buying a domain name for a new blog he was starting.  He wanted to know if he should buy a domain name with his top keywords in it or not.  I say, heck yeah!

The old seo crowd knows nothing cries spam like the old:

but I am not talking about taking it that far.  What no longer works for regular old websites of yesterday seems to thrive in today’s blogosphere.  Take my (and Andy’s), when the bloggers graciously link to us the anchor text generally used is, "Link Building Blog" see the right margin of Randy’s site and you will see we get a keyword rich anchor text while a site likeStuntdubl gets stuck with the anchor text "Stuntdubl".  Who wants to rank for that? 🙂

As some of you bloggers may have found out, it can take some time to rank in Google for most new domains but our Link Building Blog has snagged #3 on Yahoo and #14 on MSN for “link building” which is not a bad start.

One thing about fellow bloggers is they LOVE to link back out and they are more than happy to include links that contain your top keywords if they are contained in your domain name.

Because of this I think it is a great strategy to buy a domain for your blog that subtlety contains your top keywords in it and reap the benefits of all the free keyword rich links!