Jonathan Bailey Launches

Jonathan Bailey who has been a longtime contributor to, especially within the Legal section of the Performancing forums has launched a brand new sister site called The site aims to be a collection of links, quotes, images, and other tidbits of information showcasing copyright stupidity from across the web. Jonathan does a great job with and I expect his CopyrightFail blog to be a success considering the amount of stupidity that exists around the subject.

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Content scraping is one of the biggest headaches a blogger faces. Once you hit that publish button, your articles are prone to automatic copying and republishing by not-so-trustworthy websites who do not link back. Some of these scrapers even earn from your hard work by slapping on some advertisements, text links or affiliate links on their own sites, as if it were their own.

The Performancing Copyright Management Service does the hard work for you. Our copyright experts will track down websites, blogs, forums and other sites that infringe on your rights as a publisher. We will then give you a comprehensive report with suggested courses of action. If you choose to, we can also act on these violations on your behalf, by initiating takedown notices and making sure your original content stays where it should–on your blog! Price includes initial consultation, tracking, initial report and appropriate action on three (3) infringing sites.

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