14 thoughts on “It’s A Simple Question—Which Operating System Do You Use While Blogging?

  1. I use XP and have no plans to move to Vista. I would love a Mac (for the UNIX core) but I have tried it and what’s the point of moving to Mac if I still will need to use XP for some task. If I was alone in the world I would go Mac but I live, work and teach in the real world.

  2. I don’t have a computer, so I use either a can of Rustoleum or Krylon for my “blogging”, whichever is on sale….

  3. I use Linux and hand-code/hack anything that needs to be done.

    ‘Tis a carryover from my Bell Labs days.

    Data points,


  4. I use Windows XP while blogging. I even have Windows Vista installed, but for some reason, I feel more comfortable with XP than Vista.

  5. My stable working desktop environment is still good old Windows 2000 professional.

    I did many tries with Linux but my best and fastest productivity tools esp. for my blogging and photography workflow are available for Windows.

  6. I am in admiration if you type out full blog posts on the Eee PC’s keyboard. Perhaps the 8.9 inch screen might provide a better keyboard, but the 7 inch one is just too tiny for me!

  7. os x primarily, previously ubuntu (which is linux, incase some people didn’t know)
    I still use linux as my mobile platform of choice on a little eee pc and a g3 modem. To be honest, as much as I like os x, I miss linux. I stopped using windows 10 years ago for linux, only recently started using os x.

  8. Of course you do 😉

    Would be odd if there was only one vote for Linux by the end of the night. I am just as curious if there are a lot of Mac users among the Performancing community. I’m also interested in how the XP vs Vista thing turns out.

  9. I’m running Kubuntu Linux, but XP Home is still around for when I need it.

  10. I used to use Windows XP (for blogging), but I purchased a Macbook when I started writing for Performancing. Now I use the Mac OS exclusively for blogging.

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