Iced Corona

Well, I’ve travelled for 26hrs to get to San Diego from Copenhagen, all in the name of bringing you guys the next round of cool blogging tools. Im meeting the dev team for our 007, soon to be announced killer project, and I can’t wait to start giving out some details.

We’re not there yet, but soon, really soon!

Right now, im in a hotel, with a couple of cold corona’s (they bought them in a bucket of ice, which is cool if you’re euro) and I”ve just got done with talking to Jed about the next releaae of Performancing Firefox. Im using it now, and it ROCKS!

Jed will be posting the announcement, but clever Performancing readers can go right ahead and grab the final version of our previously beta app if you know where to look 🙂

More from me when ive had some sleep, hope you guys love what Jed and Chris have done with this new version,, cos I do 🙂