HOWTO: Using Performancing for Firefox with Radio UserLand

I took a quick couple of minutes to download, install and configure the Firefox plugin called Performancing that allows you to easily post weblog content. It’s really handy and a much better solution than we currently have for Radio users. Here’s the quick “how to” guide.

  1. Download and install Firefox 1.5 as the plugin won’t work with anything older.
  2. Follow the instructions on the Performancing website to install the plugin.
  3. Open the editor window by clicking the pencil/pad icon on the lower right corner of the window.
  4. Configure a blog using the “wizard” with the following settings:
  • on the right side of the editing window, click “Launch Account Wizard”
  • choose “Custom Blog”
  • chose MetaWeblogAPI as the type
  • enter Radio’s XML-RPC interface URL–typically
  • leave “Add API Key” unchecked
  • Enter in the username and password you use for Radio’s remote RPC access.  Haven’t set that up yet?
    • Enable XML-RPC access on the pref page. Make sure you have the Blogger API pref enabled too.
    • Enable Remote access with a username and password on this pref page.

3 thoughts on “HOWTO: Using Performancing for Firefox with Radio UserLand

  1. These are bugs with the Performancing software, not Radio UserLand. Post your concerns in their support area, please.

  2. I just used it to post about getting it working, the Pros of it, but perhaps more interesting, what I consider the Cons of it. It’s good for text and links. Images, though, are a little harder, because when you want to insert one, it asks for the URL of the image. In effect, this forces one to surf to the image, copy its link location, and then paste into that form. Like this:

    (not inserting)

    And, when trying to align the image to the right, in the WYSIWYG editor, clicking the right-align button aligns all the text right too. Not good. So then you can go into code view and manually type the align right code into the image link. OK, not bothering here. But, then one notices, looking at the code, that it’s missing the image dimensions and an alt tag – I consider both essential. So, for images, one might as well be back in one’s html editing program, which makes Performancing a bit redundant. I’d venture to say that these issues are true acoss all the blogging platforms Performancing for Firefox supports. Full post, not much more though, over at:

    I do consider this highly relevant to improving it. That post took more work than my normal work flow.

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