How Many Niches Should You Pro-Blog?

Have you picked a niche for your pro blogging? Do you know what niche conversation you’d like to be part of? Have you been able to stick to just one niche? This afternoon, I pulled out a notebook with the intent of listing three niches to focus on for my own projects: photography, film and cars. Not because there’s necessarily a lot of revenue potential in these niches but because I have enjoyed them for a very long time. My cat who thinks he’s a dog, Aeric Sir Stinkybutt decided to join me. A 20-minute catnap later, my list of three niches became ten.

This is a constant problem for a generalist like myself: inability to focus. I enjoy a lot of topics, whether or not there’s revenue potential. I just can’t write for long on a topic I don’t enjoy. Fortunately for my freelancing biz, I like a lot of topics. But unfortunately for my freelancing, that means monitoring the events in multiple niches and then building multiple niche blogs of my own.

The latter is a necessity if you want to successfully promote your writing clients’ sites, or even just to convince clients that you can handle a niche. It does not mean you have to do all the writing yourself, but you probably want to maintain at least one site for each niche you’d like to be hired in.

You could hire bloggers, provided you have the funds. But there’s always an ebb and flow for freelance income. In fact, in my 20+ years of freelance writing, I’ve found that not efficiently dealing with varying monthly income is what does most freelancers in. Since I’m a committed freelancer, it’s possible that, deep down, I’m afraid of being stuck in just one not-so-lucrative niche. Possible, but unlikely, because I’m always worried about blogging as a career in general. There are just too many external factors that determine your success, compared to offline businesses. All it takes are a few “haters”. At least, that’s how I feel. What do you think?

Whatever niche(s) you do pick, just keep in mind that for most bloggers, it’s a long-term commitment to reach blogging success – however you define that. Unless, of course, you’re fortunate enough to be working for already successful bloggers like I have for two years. (In which case you’re not blogging for yourself.)

If you’re not hiring yourself out, what are you doing? Have you taken on blogging full-time on your own, or are contemplating it? How do you stave off the fear of low-income months? Do you successfuly set aside funds or just pray that work will come in? Do you focus on one niche or mutiple niches?

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