How I Got 2 Blogging Jobs Without Having My Own Blog

Before I start this post, I have to make a disclaimer. If you want a blogging job, the best way to get the job is to have your own blog.

But what if you don’t have your own blog?

That’s the situation I was in a couple months ago. I wanted to get into freelance blogging. However, I didn’t have the discipline and patience to create and keep up my own blog. Instead, I did these things to get hired as a freelance blogger for two blogs.

Get Published Online

I wrote a couple articles for Performancing and Associated Content. Also, I wrote a short 7 page report that I gave away to my SEO clients. I showed these things to blog owners who were looking for freelance bloggers.

By getting published on reputable sites, you show blog owners that other webmasters like your content.

Know Your Stuff

I wanted to freelance blog for SEO and internet marketing blogs, because those are the niches I was passionate about. Also, I was knowledgeable about those niches. I’ve spent about 2 years reading many of the popular SEO and internet marketing blogs.

To get a blogging job, you need to know your niche well. Blog owners want to hire experts in their niche, so make sure and learn all you can about the niche.

I see too many people trying to get blogging jobs. However, they don’t have enough experience and knowledge about the niche.

When I applied to write for Net Business Blog, the blog owner asked each of the applicants to write a 200-400 word post. He wanted to see how his readers would react to the posts. Instead of writing a short post, I spent some time writing an informative 1100 word post. This post helped me get the job because it showed the blog owner and his readers that I knew what I was talking about.


If you want to get into problogging, but don’t have a blog, you could still get blogging jobs by getting published on reputable sites and demonstrating your knowledge and expertise.

Three months ago, I used these two principles to get these two problogging jobs.

1. Smart SEO Blog
I wrote for this blog during July and August. I quit because I was offered a more lucrative job with another company.

2. Net Business Blog
I still write for this blog. I was hired in July.

Note: Because of my posts from these two blogs, I was recently hired to write for Sea Waves and Eaton Web.

6 thoughts on “How I Got 2 Blogging Jobs Without Having My Own Blog

  1. Thanks for the positive feedback.

    I went to the job board here at Performancing ( and I put up an ad on Digital Point forums (

    Also, there is the Problogger job board ( and Freelance Switch board (

    Good luck with your blogging job search!

  2. I loved your blog, it gives me hope. I am also looking for a blog job, but I do have two blogs to use as a reference.

    How did you find your jobs?


  3. Very good post indeed. I was looking for post on how to get a blogging job and fortunately I saw this post. I do have my own blog and I have just started to try for a blogging job. Hope to get one soon by following your method.

  4. Great post. I posted an article on my blog today called Paid Writing vs. Writing for Free at The Geek Writes this morning. In the article, I discussed one of the benefits – establishing clips to use in gaining paid positions. Keep up the great writing!

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