How I Created My Most Popular Post

Recently I created a post that has brought me approximately three thousand visitors so far. StumbleUpon can take most of the credit I suppose but it could not have done it without me! In fact SU could not do anything at all if it wasn’t for all of us guys and girls out here working day and night to provide it with material.

How did I put together a popular post?

I went to a nearby park to take some photos. I go there fairly often and always go down by the bear enclosure to see what is happening there. Usually the two bears who live there are off somewhere and you are lucky to get a glimpse of them. But today was different. They both came down and started playing with each other right in front of us. It was an exciting moment and I must have taken two hundred photos of them

One of those photos really caught my eye. Because one of the bears was demonstrating his manual dexterity with a stick. He was enjoying that thing a great deal and one of the photos I took showed him holding it with his two paws and gazing off in the distance.


I knew that I had to create a story of some sort to go with this photo. And the first thing I thought of was to give the bear a personality of some sort like Yogi the bear or Smokey the bear. And that was the lightbulb moment. What if this bear wanted to BE like Smokey or Yogi? What if he was posing just the way he imagined one of them would do? I could easily see Smokey or Yogi walking around with a walking stick.

The rest was easy. I imagined that I brought a poster of Yogi and Smokey down to the enclosure and put it up on the inside like fans do at football games. The bear would see it and come running down the hill. He would pick up a stick and pose. He was emulating his heroes.

It seemed pretty funny to me and I was gratified to see that others found it entertaining. But it had all come about because the bear had picked up a stick and sat back with it.

You never know how it is going to go when you depend on moments like this. But you have to be ready when something does happen. And that’s what I am starting to learn. Be ready for the bear.

4 thoughts on “How I Created My Most Popular Post

  1. Don’t bother. Anybody who feels the need to spread all this “Christmas cheer” around is not wanted around my blog. And this post is about ideas not pictures. It is about the process behind a successful post and a picture.

    All you had to do was google “davidlind” or read some of the other posts. Or you could have just written “Where can I find this?” like somebody else did awhile ago. I’m not here to promote my blog and I’m not going to put my url address on every post. It’s already on every comment and some of the posts. Or you could have said, “I would have appreciated it if you put your url in this post.”

    All the negative talk is really not needed or appreciated.

    Onward and Upward
    –C.S. Lewis

    Virginia Breeze/

  2. Blogging 101: If you are going to talk about your most popular blog post, shouldn’t you LINK to it so we can evaluate it? If you are attempting to describe a photo on your blog, wouldn’t it be easier to just link to the post so we could see the photo you are attempting to describe? I would guess this is one time that a photo would definitely be worth more than a thousand words.

    Maybe I missed something, but I can’t find a link anywhere to the post in question. When I clicked on the davidlind blog link, I just got a series of posts on Performancing. If you had a photo in there somewhere, it is well hidden.

    I could try googling davidlind to see if I could actually find your blog, but why bother. It sounded fairly interesting, but if the author can’t be bothered to link to his own post, why should I waste my energy trying to find it?

    My guess is your popular post would be a lot more popular if you actually linked to it when discussing it on Performancing!

    Sorry for the rant, but stuff like this really irritates me.


    Tom Bonner

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