How Color Meanings Can Affect Your Blog

Last week, I published a post about applying color marketing research to blog design strategy where I provided a number of statistics that demonstrate how color can help your blog’s success.  The next question bloggers are likely to have once they realize the significant impact adding color to a blog can make is what colors they should use on their blogs.

In a recent study published on, it was reported that the online world is dominated by the color blue followed closely by red.  Should you also use blue and red in your blog’s design?  Keep reading to learn what color psychology tells us that different colors mean.

Cool blues create perceptions of trust, dependability, fiscal responsibility and security.  Blue elicits calm and peaceful feelings and is liked by a wide audience.  In fact, it’s arguably one of the most popular colors.  It’s not surprising so many brands use blue in their logos!

Red has been shown to cause a physical response in people, including increases in heart rate.  Therefore, red is perceived as being aggressive, energetic, provocative and attention-grabbing. It’s not surprising that red is used on stop signs.  It is the go-to color when a reaction is desired (which could be positive or negative).

As you might expect from its connection to nature, green creates a perception of health, freshness and serenity. On the flip side, darker greens are often connotations of money and wealth.

Orange creates perceptions of fun and excitement.

It’s fairly universal that yellow is representative of light and the sun. People relate yellow to warmth and positive feelings.  Studies show that people see bright yellow before any other color.  Ever wonder why yellow is used for road signs that warn you about dangerous curves and road conditions?  Yellow stands out!

Purple is associated with creativity, royalty, sophistication, and spirituality.

Pink is typically associated with femininity.  Bright pinks create perceptions of energy, fun and youthfulness, while paler pinks are viewed as being more romantic.

If you want a color that creates perceptions of stability and durability, then brown is your go-to color.  Just make sure the brown you use doesn’t fall into the trap of appearing dirty.

Black elicits perceptions of power.  It’s bold and sophisticated and is often linked to high-end, expensive, classy brands and products.

White is the go-to color to elicit thoughts of simplicity, cleanliness and purity.  Studies have shown that people’s eyes are strongly drawn to white.

Keep in mind as you choose colors for your blog’s design that colors can have different meanings in different parts of the world.  For example, black is considered a color of mourning in the United States, but in Japan white is the color of mourning.  In Brazil, the color of mourning is purple.  If your blog is targeted at an audience in different areas of the world, take a few minutes to research color meanings in those countries to ensure your choices are appropriate.

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  1. In my experience Blue and Green color are perfect for attracting eyes. They are symbpl of energy and liveliness. I use same colors on all my websites.

  2. This is very interesting, but very true! I never realized how much affect colors had on an audience.

  3. Very Useful atricle…and Its a nice read…My website colors r usually blue (Blogging niche), red for Webhosting niche and orange for Gadget niche…
    Color usually define the niche of site….

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