Having Trouble With Google Applications?

Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble with certain Google applications? I’ve been having consistent problems with Google Calendar for several weeks now. The items on one or more calendars often won’t display, no matter how many times I refresh. What good is a calendar tool that doesn’t work?

I’ve also had inconsistent render problems with both Google Docs and Google Mail. I have no plans to switch away from GMail, unless I’m absolutely forced to. But if the calendar problem goes on for another week, I’m forced to switch. Google, you really need to get on top of these problems. Then there’s the AdSense reporting problems, as Problogger pointed out.

Anyone else seeing similar problems? Has Google grown too fast for their (and our) own good?

3 thoughts on “Having Trouble With Google Applications?

  1. I have trouble with google too
    I couldn’t run google search engine (works fine if go to yahoo then do a search there), or log into gmail (ok through outlook though)
    Basically, any to do with google is not working for me
    Also, i’m having trouble with firefox as well, it uses up a lot of memory and CPU when i go to google home page or any site link there, take forever to load and never load completely, “always loading”
    Idea why?

  2. I’m getting problems with Google Docs. I can login but can’t open any of the docs. Very annoying.

  3. so far i dont have a problem with it. it still cool on my opinion. just try to cath the problem, you will learn something..

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