Earning Opportunities: Do You Read White Papers? Write Them?

If you thought white papers to promote your business were out and blogging in, join the club. But apparently there’s life in them yet. Brian Clark at Copyblogger talks about how white papers earn author Mike Stelzner $300K/year. There’s an affiliate link in that post to a free video where Stelzner discusses how he got into this writing niche. There are also additional free videos and other materials via subscription, some of which Brian is part of.

The video focuses on writing white papers for your business, but Stelzner earns his six-figure income from the fees he charges for writing white papers. So there are two ways that white papers can be beneficial to you, depending on whether you’re a business owner or freelance writer.

While writing white papers may not be for everyone, if you think you have the stamina to write a well-structured, expert document that’s longer than a blog post, you should look into this opportunity.