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I was going to title this one “The Secret to Earning $10k/month from blogging in just 6 months”, but that might have been a bit too much 🙂

If you want to make $10,000 / month from blogging in 6 months, here is a quick formula for you:

1) Figure out how you can make this a reality (freelance work, build a site to sell it, affiliate marketing, using PPC to sell your own ebook, blogging for hire, create your own site, etc) and create a detailed, step-by-step plan for it.

2) Go for it, now. Don’t stop for anything, even for this article to end – just start executing that plan right now.

They say that “good things come to those who wait” – and while I value patience, it has its place and it is often a convenient rationalisation for people who are afraid to take risks. There are times when you have to grab the bull by the horns and attack an opportunity with full strength.

In simple terms…you can’t wait for opportunities to knock on your door. You have to put yourself out there, put your blog out there, and make sure that you’re first in line when any opportunity comes up. You’ll take risks. You’ll make mistakes. But you’ll be much better off at the end of it than when you started, which is where you would have stayed stuck if you hadn’t moved in the first place.

For your blog, this means positioning it to benefit from trends in your niche. For example, for my football blog, I tend to get plenty of search engine traffic for matches as well as for any key incident that happens (celebrity gossip, in-game violence, etc). There are two reasons for this – one, I’m covering these events (taking initiative) and two, my blog ranks high in search engines naturally so that helps individual pages rank highly as well.

If you think about it, all progress on your blog is a function of you taking initiative and going out seeking opportunities instead of sitting at home waiting for them.

That $10k isn’t going to come to you if you wait for it (unless your blog earns that much in a month, in which case add a couple of zeros at the end of the number and start over) – you have to get up, get out and work for it, and quite often that means being in the right place to take advantages of the opportunities that arise.

3 thoughts on “Go For Broke

  1. This is great advice and confirms what I’ve been suspecting. But a note to newbies: take it from me – you simply can’t blog enough hours in a month to earn $10,000/mth. To make that money, catch Ahmed’s clue: a mix of opportunities is what’s necessary: freelance blogging, linkbaiting, copywriting, design, SEO, etc – whatever you can do well – plus either your own site(s) earning ad or affiliate revenue, or having a % of net revenue from some opportunity. If you like, you can include “pay per review” work in there too.

    Don’t rely on income from a single source:


  2. Ever heard of the best laid plans of mice and men? 😀

    In a market as fluid as “commercial” blogging, having a detailed plan may not be possible. Six months ago my detailed plan was to use Google Adsense and affiliate sales to make money off my blog. Who knew my income would come from completely different sources than what I envisioned, and that I would actually give Adsense the axe? In another 6 months from now, it might change all over again.

    If people want to succeed at problogging, then blogging has to be something they love to do, and something that they are either naturally skilled at, or can be with enough practice and experience.

    People shouldn’t think about how they’re going to make money. What they SHOULD think about is what they’d like their blog to be all about, what niche should they focus on, and if they will have the energy and passion to continue blogging in their chosen niche (or niches) for the long term. Then any desire to monetize your site can naturally flow from that. I started blogging for over a year before the thought of monetizing it ever crossed my mind.

    The reality is the profitability of a blog will depend primarily on where your passion lies. It’s better to blog in a niche you truly care about and make OK money than to pick the most promising and lucrative niche only because you’re a greedy bastard. 🙂

    Ok, I’m getting away from the subject here, but I had to chime in here with my own silly take.

  3. There isn’t better advice out there. This is it. Make it happen. Put everything you have into it. Plan and execute at the same time. Adapt on the run.

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