Gettin’ Creative

I’m usually all numbers and Adsense and affiliate links yada yada yada, if you haven’t figured it out by now (and some people have) let me spell it out for you: I’m not very creative.

But Perfomancing member Cigar Jack is.

I’ve put together a flyer that says “You’ve Been Jacked” and sending it out with a few cigars to different people on cigar websites. The rules on the flyer ask that they replace two of the four cigars and either hand it off or mail it to another cigar smoker. It encourages them to log on to my site to find out where the package has been.

This is the kind of out of the box thinking that rarely ever comes to me. And when it does, I usually try to ‘crunch the numbers’ in my head, and probably over-conservatively, talk myself out of it. This is a major weakness.

In keeping with my uncreativity, I’d like to suggest there are three levels of execution in this game:

  • Creativity + little elbow grease — have some fun maybe, make a pittance
  • A lot of elbow grease + little creativity — make a decent living, but not getting [really] rich (I’m here!)
  • Creativity + a lot of elbow grease — at this level, several years in the game can net you seven figures

So what do yah’ll think of Cigar Jack’s idea? And what other creative marketing campaigns have you done? Discuss at Performancing forums: Word of Mouth Promotion