9 thoughts on “Get off Webmaster Welfare

  1. Two valuable must read articles!

    Running a medium traffic website and only having CPC income is an obvious mistake. I.e. selling five links on one general interest homepage only doubled the income for the whole site. And the money is fix and rolls in every month.

    Engaging in affiliate programs is pretty complicated and I affirm that ‘point of difference’ and ‘create a two way communication’ is a key for having an affiliate 2.0 site.

  2. I’m still having problems trying to get the private sponsorship in place, but I’m keeping my eyes open for the affiliate stuff.

  3. why is a post needed? sugarrae said it all. Chris just pointed us to two great posts. Now if I could only figure out how to actually blog for affiliate income.

  4. No one puts it better than Sugarrae.

    The gist is this: don’t be lazy about monetization. Otherwise you’re missing out on the real money.

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