Gawker Media Adopts Creative Commons

Gawker Media, the blogging network which contains Lifehacker, Gizmodo and other popular weblogs has announced today that they have adopted the Attribution-NonCommercial license for all of their original content. While this does not open the flood gates to scrape content, it does enable more flexibility when republishing content from a Gawker Media site. Brian Lam who is part of Gizmodo had this to say regarding the announcement:

I’m happy to announce that we’re being published under a Creative Commons license now. Although it’s a non-commercial license, remixes and quotes are fine by blogs commercial or otherwise, with attribution/links. But splogs can—as always—go to hell. This has always been our policy, but it’s nice to have the license right there on the bottom.

Make sure to give the Gawker Media legal page a thorough read as it contains detailed information on how content can specifically be used. This is yet another feather in the cap of Creative Commons.

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