Elevenses: Adsense, Blog Readers, YPN & Scarcity

One of the things I didn’t want to do with Performancing was blog every single piece of information that might possibly be of interest, but generally write and encourage you to write more original, useful posts. But we all like to have something good to read with our morning coffee right? So, please welcome the start of a new, occasional series called Elevenses, where i’ll post a few notable stories for your mid-morning reading. Enjoy…

New Google Adsense Case Study
The Adsense team take a look at Camcorder Info who took ad link units to 300% previous revenue.

What Blog Readers Want
Dana Blankenhorn posts a great list of what makes a blog worth reading, and an equally good checklist of things to avoid.

Adam Kalsey describes in detail the differences between YPN for RSS and other solutions such as Adsense and FeedBurner

Jeff Jarvis on False Scarcity of Ad Inventory
Major ad buyers have a looooong way to go in understanding the internet as an advertising medium it appears. Hope for blogs in there if you look hard enough…