Edition #1 of the Carnival of Internet Pros Now Accepting Entries

The Carnival of Internet Pros (CoIP) Edition #1 is now accepting entries. The rules are simple. Please make sure you read these thoroughly, as several people are not bothering to read what is posted at Blog Carnival. The list below is subject to change, but if it does, I will post an “[Updated: __date__]” message at the top of this post.

  1. One entry per edition only. If you enter more than for an edition, all your entries will be deleted. Other reasons for exclusion:
    1. Scraped entries.
    2. Completely irrelevant topic.
    3. Not in English (sorry).
    4. Entering in the comments instead of using the submission form.
    5. Not bothering to read the carnival rules.
  2. The idea is both to share experience and get exposure. However, to go beyond a regular carnival, submitting an entry means that you agree to have your article picked apart, gently, wherever the carnival is being hosted. Two entries in each edition will be selected and the hope is that other readers will suggest – constructive criticism only, please – how the article could be improved, if at all. If you do not agree to this, then please do not enter.
  3. Relevant entries. The general theme includes any article that helps make us better “Internet Pros”, earning a living online. This includes tips on blogging, techniques for writing, productivity, managing contract work, tools to help us, etc. Put yourself in the frame of mind that you are working solely online. Think of “Performancing” articles that help you become a better “Internet Pro”.
  4. Please support whichever site is hosting a given edition of CoIP by linking back to the edition page from your blog, if you were included. If you were not included, that’s probably due to being late, and your entry will be considered for the next edition.
  5. We’re not turning anything down unless it falls into one of the reasons in point #1 above. So do not enter multiple times. Wait until your article appears, or until you’re sure that your entry was deleted for one of the above reasons.
  6. If you want to host a future edition, I’ll announce how in August. However, you must hold to the above rules yourself.

The first edition will be published on July 24th. The first deadline is Fri July 20th.

Here’s a link to submit your articles to the Carnival of Internet Pros

9 thoughts on “Edition #1 of the Carnival of Internet Pros Now Accepting Entries

  1. What is a blog carnival anyway?

    I’ve seen these lots of times, been invited to them many more times, never really understood what they were, or how they could be useful, other than a possible link building scenario. I’m not against link building but what other functions does this serve?

    ~I was too dense to make it to the form. 😉

  2. yaph: Sorry, but I submit articles for clients to 10-20 carnivals per week and have never had any problems. Can you tell what browser you’re using or any other details?

  3. I finally made it but it was hard work. The blogcarnival.com service does not seem to be reliable.

  4. It is not possible to submit an article with this form, no matter which browser I use. The form always reloads

  5. Okay, the reason I linked to that page is so that anyone can see past, current, and upcoming editions and where they’re hosted.

    However, if you scroll down to where it says “next issue:”, there are a couple of lines, then about 2 inches of horizontal space. Then there’s a line of links. In the middle it says “submit an article”. Unfortunately, that’s the way they have it set up.

    So, you can use this direct link instead:

  6. I know, and I follows that link. It was on BlogCarnival.com that I got completely lost. Maybe I’m just too dense but it sure as hell wasn’t intuitive…or maybe I’m just dense.

  7. First sentence, second link: “accepting entries”. It’s the link to BlogCarnival.com submission form. I knew I shouldn’t have used that anchor text 😛

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