EatonWeb Makes Advanced Stats Free

I encourage everyone to check this out. You can now browse the EatonWeb blog directory and monitor eight important statistical trends on all the blogs in the directory. Here’s what the graphs will look like:

So let’s say that you want to know the general statistical trends of a site like Randa Clay Design:

First go to the EatonWeb directory to see whether her blog is in the directory by doing a search:

You’ll see that Randa does indeed have an entry in the EatonWeb directory:

Now, on her blog page in the directory, there’s a link to “View Advanced Stats”:

Now anyone can visit the EatonWeb directory and see Advanced Stats for any blog that’s present.

6 thoughts on “EatonWeb Makes Advanced Stats Free

  1. Thanks for making these available – very nice to have everything in one place to get a good bird’s eye view of a site’s trends.

  2. HART – I’d interpret them as indicating a site that’s “maintaining” – not growing fast, but not dying. Some fundamentals are increasing (like linkage) and maybe traffic (Alexa – though this might just be a result of your networking with SEOs) – but others not moving (like visibility).

    Example of rapid growth:

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