Do You Still Read Print Newspapers?

You may have read claims that the print newspaper publishing industry is dead or dying, with the popularity of online media, and ease-of-access that these provide. However, in some parts of the world, the newspaper industry is just beginning to grow. A recent TIME article featured the case of Asian countries, which are considered fertile grounds for the newspaper publishing business.

Fueled by a growing literacy rate and press reforms in some parts of the continent, Asia is enjoying what may be the world’s last great newspaper boom. Eight of the world’s 10 biggest paid-for daily newspapers are printed in Asia …

This growth is fueled by different reasons. In some cases, the middle-class populace is growing, and is followed by an increasing literacy rate. In others, readers appreciate getting their daily dose of news and opinion other than daily propaganda by recently-fallen (or even still-established) repressive regimes. In yet others–particularly those countries whose populations are ageing–it boils down to preference.

So the idea that the newspaper industry is doomed is perhaps a geocentric perspective. Maybe in more developed countries, users have a preference for paperless media. There are other parts of the globe, though, where the old fashioned paper-and-ink newspaper still rules.

Being what can be considered a newer-generation reader, what I’m interested in is how to interface the traditional newspaper with new media. Normally, a newspaper would have its online equivalent. But the more novel approaches to spreading the news, so to speak, are plenty. For one, newspapers can tweet updates. They can also send SMS updates to subscribers. Or how about adding comment areas after each article, as space for user feedback?

Most of you who read Performancing probably read your news online, too. I think I shall put up a poll soon. Do you still read print media? And the more interesting question: Why or why not?

13 thoughts on “Do You Still Read Print Newspapers?

  1. Yup! We still read newspaper. But on the future time, all people in the world will read the information on the plastic sheet on books size with FREE internet connection that can be folded and carried of a PC or laptop. When such people do not read newspapers anymore.

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  2. I read several newspapers on a regular basis and am very worried about the troubles the industry is going through. I think newspapers are essential for a democracy to function. The news costs money to create and there is no credible alternative in sight at this point. I want my newspapers, magazines and books and have no desire to be tethered to a screen in place of paper. I would hope that print and online can coexist – each has its own merits.

  3. I always read online newspapers every morning. But sometimes, I buy print newspapers at weekends. And I’d like to read online news as they always update their news every hour.

  4. I read a daily paper because I can get a morning briefing on world and local news, sports, business, politics in one place. 2-3 times a week I read an online from another country that I have lived in. I then keep track of news online several times a day. At the weekend I spend time reading printed papers for their commentaries.

  5. I read the local weekly, newspaper because it doesn’t print all the news about my area online. However, I canceled my subscription to the daily newspaper. It wasn’t because I don’t like print, but because I just can’t keep up with the reading every day.

    I prefer to read what I can hold in my hand, magazines especially. However, I don’t subscribe to as many as I used to.

  6. There is no substitute for words on a page and certainly words on a screen do not even come close. The Amazon Kindle is trying to bridge this gap, but too many people love the word on a page. Printed media rules!

  7. I haven’t read anything on actual paper in quite a while. I’d love to see my “major” newspapers and publications focusing on online versions…especially in regards to comments and such. As much as I love for it’s ability to host a discussion about just about any online content, it’s one step out from the source, and thus denies that source from controlling and profiting from the community aspect of the internet. It would be much better from a business standpoint to have the news sites hold their own comment sections/forums/whatever.

    Interesting to hear that reading print is actually getting more popular in some places…it sure won’t be lasting much longer around here. heh

  8. I read both print and online media. Print to breakfast and online during the day just to see if anything interesting has happened.
    I know some elderly people that don’t read print media and only Online because of eyesight issues.
    Thats the best thing about online news you can adapt the page so it is much easier for you to read and it is also easier to get more information on a subject and from different sources.

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  10. I still do because, at least in Spanish, the quality of the language is much better on print media (it’s getting worse, though) and I get sick of the Primary School grammar and orthography and lame translations I see on online media, even on famous and prestigious online newspapers. Oh, and advertisements are less annoying on print media. :p

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