Do You Blog From One Of These Countries?

The Committee to Protect Journalists has published what they consider to be the ten worst countries to blog from. Burma leads the pack at number one with a number of Middle Eastern and Asian countries rounding out the top ten.

Relying on a mix of detentions, regulations, and intimidation, authorities in Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Egypt have emerged as the leading online oppressors in the Middle East and North Africa. China and Vietnam, where burgeoning blogging cultures have encountered extensive monitoring and restriction, are among Asia’s worst blogging nations. Cuba and Turkmenistan, nations where Internet access is heavily restricted, round out the dishonor roll.

The report was released on May 3rd to celebrate World Press Freedom Day and to call attention to online repression. Let me know if you blog from any of these countries or if you know someone who does. I’m interested in reading your story.

10 thoughts on “Do You Blog From One Of These Countries?

  1. How lucky i am …. i am not living in those countries …. even sometimes my country did their policy but it depends with their mood.. sometime stric sometime not …


  2. Fortunately not. What I wanted to add, that apart from the lack of freedom of speech in these countries, there is one other problem. I’ve talked about this to some of my fellow bloggers and was shocked many simply block IP’s from these countries, in fear of spam. I can understand it, in a way – fighting spam is an uphill battle and every effective “weapon” helps. But blocking whole countries ? This is overkill..

  3. There’s a widely spreading rumor in China bloggers says that cyber-police reviews every blog posts of dedicated-domain-blogs, and “invite” the disoprative bloggers to their office just to threaten them to delete the article against govern-ment.

  4. I’ve been traveling around the world for 2 years. I’ve blogged from both Vietnam and Egypt. I’m a traveler not a citizen, so I certainly didn’t have to deal with many of the problems that a native blogger would have to deal with. I also didn’t write about the governments in either place.

    The places I saw the most censorship of the web was in the United Arab Emirates, who blocks Flickr and used to block Twitter. Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait also censored the internet to some degree. I noticed no obvious censorship in either Egypt or Vietnam. If there were sites written in either Vietnamese or Arabic which criticized the governments, I wouldn’t have known about them.

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