Dave Grohl: Another celebrity disses Twitter

Outspoken Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has laid into Twitter, or — more accurately — the people who use it, suggesting that they are wasting their time.

“F**k Twitter! That’s the biggest waste of time. If people got their head out of their ass, they might f**king get out and accomplish something.”

Presumably, he’s hurling his insult at the stereotypical couch potato Twitter user who simply tweets about what they’ve just had for lunch, rather than the myriad of interesting people (both celebrities and not) who update their Twitter accounts with interesting and insightful words.

Funny how Grohl chose to waste his time slating a service he doesn’t like. Many people who don’t use Twitter just get on with their lives without making a big fuss in order to garner some publicity.


11 thoughts on “Dave Grohl: Another celebrity disses Twitter

  1. hes the front man for one of the biggest bands in the world he dose not need to make a comment about twitter to gain publicity he was simply saying that its sad that people are so self centered they spend 8 hours a day on twitter updating every one about every little thing they do instead of trying to accomplish something to better them selfs with that time , and IMO if he was on twitter all day he would have an insanely high amount of followers millions of people regard him as a god and even more simply like him and his music , hes a really good guy and hes humble and down to earth

    my sister and all her friends allays have there cellphone in hand are tweeting every 2 minutes its pretty said thats the kind of people hes talking about and hes right

  2. I find Twitter to be a complete waste of effort, unless you are Tom Cruise, who wants to know you are on your way home from work?

  3. Let’s be real here….in most cases, Twitter IS a waste of time. And like Kevin mentioned, to be fair, Dave was probably asked about his opinion of twitter.

  4. Do you honestly think Dave Grohl needs to slate anything in order to get publicity. Clearly he was asked about Twitter in an interview and he chose to slate it. It’s not like he went out of his way to slate it in order to get some coverage in the paper.

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