Cheap and Easy Ways to Give Your Restaurant a Facelift

Out with the old and in with the new is a common phrase people use when re-decorating. But what can you do with few materials and a small budget? Turns out, quite a lot. Give your restaurant a quick and cheap makeover can freshen the look of the area and make it more inviting to guests.

Easy Restaurant Makeover Ideas

1.     A Fresh Coat of Paint

While this might seem obvious, too many restaurants neglect the paint on their walls and fixtures, leaving them chipped and worn out. Not only can this pose a health risk, it also makes any place look run down. Scraping off old paint and replacing it with a bright, new coat will instantly update and freshen the look of your restaurant. It’s fairly cost effective too. Buying paint in five gallon containers instead of the smaller one gallon sizes will also save some money.

2.     Replace All Worn Dishes

Obviously chipped or broken dishes find their way to the garbage almost immediately. Take a moment to sift through your seemingly “perfect” dishes, though. You’ll be surprised to find a fair amount of plates with permanent marks and scratches and many utensils that are too bent to use. Replace these worn out dishes and utensils with new ones and you’re customers will get a better impression of your restaurant without even realizing it. Restaurant supply stores often offer a discount when ordered in bulk.

3.     Repair Damaged Floors

While replacing an entire floor can be very costly, repairing small areas is very cost effective. Replace any broken tiles with new ones and consider replacing small sections of carpet. If you cannot afford any floor repairs, replace the doormats leading in and out of your restaurant. This will help draw attention away from any unsightly floor damage.

4.     Clean the Windows

Another often over looked area in a restaurant are the windows. Take the time yourself, or hire someone to thoroughly clean the inside and outside of all the windows. Freshly cleaned windows that are easy to see into and out of will please current customers and may even draw in new customers.

5.   Reconsider Your Music Choice

If you don’t already, consider playing music in your restaurant over a sound system. If you already do play music, take a moment to make sure you have chosen something appropriate. Make sure it’s interesting enough to listen to, but not so involved that guests can’t have a conversation. Likewise, pay attention to volume to make sure your guests are comfortable. Having a little playing throughout your restaurant will improve ambiance and help put customers at ease.

All of these quick and easy tips will help improve the look of your restaurant and create a fresher, more welcoming environment for potential customers. No one likes to dine in a dirty environment, so take care of your restaurant and your customers will keep coming back!

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