How to Get Massive Traffic to Your Blog Contests for Free

Blog contests are a great way to drive short-term traffic to your blog, and hopefully, if your prize is relevant to your blog topic, some of those new visitors who come to enter the contest will poke around your blog, enjoy what they see, and return!  Even better — they might tell their friends about […]

5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Blog Contest Losers

Nobody likes a sore loser, but they’re out there, waiting to complain about your blog contests.  Don’t set yourself up for trouble.  Instead, be sure to protect yourself by writing explicit rules for your blog contests.  Believe it or not, even if you’re just giving away a stick of gum in your blog contest, it’s […]

The Secret to Creating Shareworthy Content

I often refer to the term I use to describe amazing content that people want to share online as shareworthy, and today, I’d like to dive a bit deeper into the concept of creating shareworthy content, so your blog and online reputation can benefit from the compounding effect of blogging, attract more visitors, and grow […]

6 Reasons to Try Out Article Marketing

One marketing method that doesn’t get a lot of airplay among bloggers is article marketing. You’ll hear about social media, link baiting, and guest posting but article marketing seems like an outdated method that just doesn’t work for today’s sophisticated internet audience. Also, article marketing has gotten a bad rap since sleazy affiliate marketers use […]

How to Get Traffic by Blogging about Future Events in Your Niche

Isn’t it great when you get a traffic spike? 🙂 The image above shows a spike I recently received. I credit the increase in traffic to blogging about an important future event in my niche. In this post, I’ll tell you specifically what I did. Also, I’ll give examples from other niches to help you […]

Will Google’s search engine enhancements benefit bloggers?

Last week Google added some new tools to its search engine, including the ability to more easily filter results based on their type (or at least what Google thinks their type is) and date, as well as some visual tools including the time line and the subtly-named “Wonder Wheel”. I wrote a general tutorial on […]

Tips For Getting StumbleUpon Traffic

Not getting any StumbleUpon traffic? If not, you may want to head on over to Website Host Reviews where Ryan outlines a list of possible reasons as to why you’re not getting traffic along with a list of tips on how to avoid getting on the bad side of StumbleUpon. Not enough “up” votes on […]

AlphaInventions – New Way To Get Traffic?

Today I stumbled across a website called I decided to check it out after noticing quite a few blog posts commenting that the site delivered a surge in traffic after their site was added to the AlphaInventions system. So what is this site all about? was created by Cheru Jackson who was a […]

How Relevant Comments Drive Traffic

Here at, we have covered a variety of different angles in which comments you leave on blog posts can help drive traffic back to your own blog. For some, this information and technique has become redundant but I thought I would share an experience which clearly illustrates why this is good, sound advice., […]