Bloggers: Are you engaging with PR people?

As someone who has worked for a number of blogs set up by traditional journalists with fairly large readerships and crossover into mainstream media (at least as far as companies’ public relations teams are concerned) I’ve been used to getting a lot of direct contact and interaction with PR people from the start. However, something […]

Finalists Announced In The Blogger Appreciation Awards

The 30 finalists have been announced for the Blogger Appreciation Awards contest. These 30 bloggers were selected out of thousands of nominations after they had survived a semi-finalist round in which the judges initially narrowed the field down to 200. These blogs were selected for their compelling content and active readerships: the two aspects of […]

A Book All About Blogger

While is great, it’s not the answer for everyone. Thankfully, there are many different blog hosting sites to choose from such as Blogger. Speaking of Blogger, there is a new book available on called Google Blogger For Dummies written by Susan Gunelius. The book weighs in at 384 pages and covers the following […]

A Bloggers Worst Enemy

The other day, I performed a live poll on Twitter asking my followers what they thought a bloggers worst enemy would be? But before I publish their responses, I’ll tell you what I think a bloggers worst enemy is. Carpel tunnel. The reason being in order to blog, you need to type. If you can’t […]

Choosing A Perfect Blog Name

Choosing a name for your blog is like choosing a name for a child, choose carefully. How do you go about selecting the perfect name? Names are tricky, along with choosing your niche a name can be one of the harder initial decisions. Surprisingly hard. When you do find a name that you like then […]

Exclusive: Is b5 Media about to face a mass exodus of bloggers?

Performancing has verified reports with multiple sources that there is rapidly increasing tension between b5 media’s management and its bloggers. As more details emerge, we will bring them to you here. Two months ago b5 cut over 80 blogs from its networks citing poor performance. Now there appears to be dissension among the ranks as […] – The Blog Directory For Popular Bloggers

Six Apart, the creators of the publishing tool MoveableType have recently relaunched their domain, is labeled by Six Apart as "The Best In Blogs". Asides from having a killer domain name, especially in this day in age, serves as a human edited blog directory with one large post a day dedicated to […]

BloggerTalks Interviews One Of Our Own, headed by Thord Hedengren has published an inteview featuring our one and only Ryan Caldwell. The interview covers PerformancingAds, the redesign of, the Hive and much more. Here is a sample taken from the interview: Selling ads is hard, most bloggers have understood that by now. Why will Performancing Ads bring in more […]

FriendFeed: The Blogger’s New Best Friend and Marketing Tool?

Twitter is great, don’t get me wrong, but FriendFeed is a whole new beast that has quickly established its importance to the blogosphere. My first reaction when playing around with FriendFeed was that it was a source of information overload to the extreme, and that was pretty much the case for the first few months, […]

How Do You Manage Your Bloggers?

How do you manage your bloggers? Does the network run under a ‘produce or your gone‘ mentality or do you allow your bloggers to be free and open? Perhaps you pay your bloggers per word? I don’t manage a blog but if I did, I would hire writers who were passionate about the content that […]