BusinessWeek Says: Why Twitter Matters

At BusinessWeek, Stephen Baker has written his look at why Twitter matters – and he used to Twitter to do it. He asked several questions and got back over 250 replies.

I suppose it helps that he has over 700 followers. So far, none of the questions I’ve asked on Twitter have received a direct response. But I’m thinking there’s probably a “critical mass” point in the number of people following you, after which you can ask pretty much anything and get a response. Which just reinforces why Twitter is a great resource.

Yeah, I’m drinking the Twitter koolaid now. Twhirl made me do it. And while it’s still like tapping into a stream of multiple free-associations (not quite a hive mind), Twitter via Twhirl has actually increased my productivity and kept me updated on breaking events. Forget robot agents programmed to find stuff on the web. Use Twitter and follow the active blogger/ twitterers. All will be revealed on Twitter.

So how do you use Twitter? Do you just put info “out there”, or do you use Twitter as a lead generator for your blog posts?

(If you want to follow me, I generally try to add people as soon as I have a chance – though I won’t guarantee that I’ll add everyone. You are welcome to drop your Twitter links in the comments as well.)

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