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I want to thank Performancing because you have really given me valuable resources. I like reading other blogger’s posts and learning about what’s going on with them. I like their tips on what to do, or what not to do when looking for jobs, I really enjoy the content. And I come here whenever I am down on a my luck, and sure enough things start to turn around for me.

I’ve been shopping around now for a few weeks for really great blogging jobs, but I guess I have to start small and build my profile up. I’ve gotten a few smaller paying gigs, so there is hope. I still blog a lot for free at Performancing, my own blogs, and Piggybankpie.

So for now I am plugging away at ehow, and a few sites as a ghostwriter…still waiting for that big blogger job. Or even a medium one. I am hoping to do this full-time someday soon.

Performancing has helped me hook up with a few potential leads, but nothing turned out. One site was too hard as I didn’t know the content (MLM business). The other one seemed interested but kind of left me hanging.

I want to know how many people have had success and whether it is possible to blog in the long run. I read one blog that was worried about writer’s block. I have so many ideas, I don’t know how someone could get writer’s block. If anything that person is extremely lucky to have said all they had to say and than run out of things…I can only dream.

So for now I am still waiting for that special job offer, blogging away. Hopefully soon it won’t be for free.

Thanks again performancing, for being my resource.

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  1. tchoppy.

    send me a private message indicating your passions. what do you love. what do you know a lot about? i might be able to work something out with you that pays well while still being fun.

  2. Don’t get discouraged! Just keep writing and hunting. Have you checked the job board at

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