BloggerTalks Interviews One Of Our Own, headed by Thord Hedengren has published an inteview featuring our one and only Ryan Caldwell. The interview covers PerformancingAds, the redesign of, the Hive and much more. Here is a sample taken from the interview:

Selling ads is hard, most bloggers have understood that by now. Why will Performancing Ads bring in more money than, say, Google Adsense or Text-Link-Ads?

I think that the question goes in the wrong direction. It should be “How will PerformancingAds compliment and possibly exceed AdSense and TextLinkAds?” The fact of the matter is that we didn’t want to compete with current sources of income, but provide an additional stream that was substantial.

Two of the benefits of being part of PerformancingAds as a publisher is that 1) you get exposure in our marketplace and 2) we have a direct ad sales team working to sell ads for your site.

Be sure to check out the interview and let us know what you think.

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