Blogger To Undergo Overhaul

The Googlesystem blog has an awesome write up covering the onslaught of new features found within the experimental version of Blogger. One of the new features which will surely benefit user’s as well as commenter’s is the new inline commenting system. I browse to a variety of different blogs every day, leaving comments as I go. But when I end up on a Blogger powered blog, I don’t even bother to comment because the comment system is so out of whack. Now, with an inline commenting system, I don’t have to open a new tab or window to leave a comment and I can actually see the content as I’m writing the comment.

Other new features include:

  • Importing and Exporting of your posts/content
  • A brand new post editor
  • Star rating system for posts
  • Integration with Google Webmaster Central

All of these features can be found within the experimental version and if things go well, will end up in the standard production version soon.

Are you looking forward to these changes? Does anyone still use Blogger?

6 thoughts on “Blogger To Undergo Overhaul

  1. atleast they should allow three column blogs by default n that will help a lot for bloggers
    its the biggest concern for bloggers

  2. Yep. I’ll be commenting on sites which use the new inline commenting feature. Only thing is, I hope it is widely adopted as it seems people will need to add the code to their theme in order to utilize the new commenting system. And as you said, unbelievable the kind of commenting system they have in place. Just to comment on a blogger blog required more than 5 steps.

  3. In a word: No.

    In more than one word:

    My original blog, “Just Thinkin” began on Blogger under a different title 3 years ago, went to where it got the title it does now (nothing but problems on the old version of Blogger you know) and just about 2 years ago it went to it’s own WordPress custom install and I never looked back.

    And I’m like you. I stopped leaving comments on Blogger based blogs for the same reason you did. Even when the option of being able to use your name and site URL was added it still was the craziest commenting system I’ve experienced (and I absolutely despise image type captcha’s). This new inline commenting features will bring me back to commenting again.

  4. I’m glad they’re finally going to be doing away with the annoying Blogger commenting system. I suppose opening that new tab/window shouldn’t have been so much of a pain, but it was annoying, and psychologically so much more time-consuming than normal commenting.

    I know a few people who use Blogger, but even with Google backing it, it just seems to be the “nursery school” of blogging. To me, Blogger still gives off all the signs of being only for newbie bloggers, or bloggers who are not “serious” about blogging. I’m not saying there’s not some great blogs on Blogger, but there’s still something about it.
    Clutter Cubed

  5. Not that I have nothing against Blogger, just that I didn’t know who still used their service as I see mentions of and Typepad all the time. Do you think the exporter/importer will make it easier to import either into blogger from another publishing platform or export into a different publishing platform such as WordPress? Looks to me like these importers/exporters all have XML file formats in mind.

  6. These are great features but not quite ready for production. Need a bit of tidying up and polishing. I’ve been playing with them all. The biggest one is the Comment Form under a post and the new post editor. Also useful is the Export/Import option which allows you to merge blogs which is very nice.

    And yes, I still use blogger. 65 Million hits on my site in 2 years and not had a single problem, and never goes down and I have unlimited bandwidth and almost unlimited diskspace.

    What more could you ask for?

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