BlogBridge 3.0 Now Available

BlogBridge 3.0 is officially available. BlogBridge is a nice and feature rich Java RSS reader. I am using it all day long. Users of version 2.16 or the weekly development version will be updated during the next start automagically.

BlogBridge 3.0, which is the update to BlogBridge 2.16 which we released on April 7, 2006, so about 3 months ago.

All the whistles and bells with new version might be nice to some people but my new killer feature is the pin. Only mark that article pinned and it will stay in the database forever. I’ll check the new version tomorrow for other new features (Scary, a .0).

Have fun and a nice weekend. Why not try this very nice RSS reader 🙂

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10 thoughts on “BlogBridge 3.0 Now Available

  1. This is a great recommendation for the reader, but I wonder if you have any updated recommendations for those of us just getting into it? Thanks so much- Garrett

  2. Thank you for sharing to us this information about BlogBridge. But, I am having a problem on updating my RSS Reader. And, could anyone help me where I could find BlogBridge and how can I make it work? Thank you!

  3. Somebody interested in podcasts?

    There’s a cool podcasst called: “The Java Posse”. In their most recent epidsode:
    “Java Posse #073” of August 1 2006 they select BlogBridge 3.0 as their application of the week!.

    Just found that in the BlogBridge RSS. Also available on the BlogBridge site.

  4. Awesome in that it’s on my desktop, I click a shortcut link and it’s there – I can create categories, and put my rss feeds into the categories – I can view just the title of the feed, the full feed, with our without images and advertising. I’ve not used that many platforms to read RSS, but out of the ones I have, this is the best.

  5. @travelrants: Awesome compared to what? Is it your first RSS reader or did you use other readers or online services before?

    I am really interested to get more comparison data about RSS readers.

  6. @Dave: No (As far as I know). On the other hand it is a Java application but I have no idea if you can pull the application over the Internet without installing it. I don’t think so as it is no applet and I didn’t see any hints about using it as an applet.

    But this might be a nice idea – A kind of Mini-BlogBridge applet which can pull the stored guides, feeds and preferences from the BlogBridge server.

    Update (Export to OPML): A great workaround solution for all RSS readers which can export OPML files is to export all subscribed feeds to an OPML file and import it to an Online RSS reader.

    In BlogBridge you don’t have to export everything to OPML. You can create single OPML files only for single guides (collections). This way you will have all feeds you really need.

    I should write an article about that OPML magic …

  7. Does BlogBridge allow me to check my feeds online in a web-based reader, say when I’m traveling and I can’t use my own computer?

  8. @Sergio: BlogBridge offers a synchronization service. This way you can store all your RSS session data on a BlogBridge server and reload it from different BlogBridge installations.

    That service works perfectly for me. If changing computers you only have to sync before leaving BlogBridge and after starting BlogBridge on another computer.

    You will have all advantages of a desktop application and a backup of all your BlogBridge preferences on a server.

  9. As I am changing the computer I’m working in a lot, I need to have a web-based RSS reader. I’ve tried many, but I always go back to bloglines that without being perfect, is not that bad.

    I think I need to develop my own, with my needs. When I do that I’ll share it with you all

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